Prolotherapy is a minimal invasive injection technique using a simple solution of dextrose and lidocaine (a local anesthetic). This solution is then introduced to the torn tendon, ligament, or damaged joint capsule. From there your own body does the rest of the work.


  • Stimulation and repair of degenerated tissue
  • 85-90% success rate
  • permanent results

Prolotherapy Stimulation & Repair of Degenerated Tissue has an 85-90% success rate for a 50% reduction of chronic pain. WellVitality uses Prolotherapy for chronic degenaterive conditions, including:

Post Injury/Trauma
Sports Injuries
Elbow pain
Loose Joints
Neck Pain
Leg pain
Knee pain

Overstretch injuries
Shoulder pain
TMJ (jaw) pain
Arthritis Pain
Rib Pain
Low Back
Herniated Discs
Hip pain
Ankle pain and foot pain

Dr. Koganow ND is extremely experienced in prolotherapy injection techniques having both extensive training and clinical experience. He treats several patients each day with Hackett Hemwell style prolotherapy and is therefore very practiced, making the injections safer and easier to tolerate.

Dr. Koganow ND is a full time prolotherapy naturopathic doctor and is one of the highest skilled prolothearpist in Canada. Through his years of training and thousands of patients, and utilizing tens of thousands of injections has allowed Dr. Koganow to become a true expert in prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy with Dr. Koganow ND is safe and extremely effective and he uses Hackett Hemwell comprehensive prolotherapy.