Optimizing survival and quality of life

Integrative oncology utilizes both evidence based complementary therapies along with medical treatment to enhance their cancer fighting abilities, improve patient quality of life, symptom control, and to lower distress. We may employ many of these therapies to help patients cope as well as adhere to their medical treatment programs.

Understanding your options when it comes to cancer can be often times daunting. It is important to know what not to do is as important as knowing what therapies may be effective. At WellVitality, we believe it is important to explore both conventional as well as complementary methods that have evidence to support them only. This ensures the patient is getting the best care possible.

Experienced cancer care

Dr. Koganow is highly trained in the treatment of cancer. He has worked and trained with some of the leading doctors in integrated oncology and can work with you using an integrated approach to treating cancer.

He treats cancer patients every day through intravenous therapies such as IV vitamin C, artesunate, mistletoe lectin therapies and is skilled and highly knowledgeable about new research on natural supplementation in cancer care. Dr. Koganow will tailor your treatments for your specific needs with the goal of helping you heal and thrive.

Learn about our integrated approach to cancer care:

Injection therapies administer vitamins directly into the body thus bypassing the digestive system and liver which deplete essential nutrients. Injections put 100% of the nutrients into the bloodstream, avoiding patient problems with absorbing nutrients through the digestive system.

We perform injections using ultrasound imaging (samsung ugeo pt60a) for increased accuracy and decreased pain.

We can administer several different injection therapies, including:

  • IV vitamin C
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Vitamin complexes like B12, B5, B6
  • Folic acid
  • Glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • Trace minerals

Injections are selected based on your unique health factors, other medications and medical history.

IV Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a strong cellular protector and significantly affects our resistance to cancer. Unlike oral vitamin C, for which studies show negative results, intravenous Vitamin C has been shown to both enhance chemotherapy sensitivity and radiation therapy.

Vitamin C through IV can stabilize a majority of cancer cases, arresting growth and spread of tumors. It can vastly improve quality of life by increasing appetite, raising platelet counts, easing fatigue and reducing pain.

IV vitamin C can be used with chemotherapy and radiation. We recommend it be used concurrently as many studies show reduced side effects (nausea, fatigue, appetite loss) and also improved effectiveness. Patients heal faster with stronger immune systems leading to more resistance to infection and remain more active.

Mistletoe is taken in the form of a pure aqueous extract which is produced according to GMP-guidelines and is biologically standardized and sterilized. The effects of mistletoe preparations include:

  • cytotoxicity which leads to decreased tumor growth and increased survival.
  • a rise in body temperature and immune defense.
  • immunoprotective which leads to a reduction of side effects and improvement of tolerability to other therapies.
  • improvement of mood and reduction of tumor related pain.

The main indications of mistletoe therapy include:

  • palliative therapy (ie. inoperable metatizing cancer)
  • adjuvant therapy (ie. prevention of relapse post surgery or radiotherapy)
  • additive therapy (ie. during chemotherapy or radiation- highly recommended)
  • prophylactic therapy (ie. defined precancerous lesions)

Diet is an essential component of beating cancer but is so often overlooked. Countless studies have already shown that our diet is very much linked with cancer.

A study conducted by Dr. Anderson, MD Cancer Center found that of 1169 women diagnosed with breast cancer, high body mass index (obesity) was significantly correlated with lower overall survival. Obesity correlates with higher risk of mortality from breast cancer. What happens when we begin exercising when we have already been diagnosed with cancer? Does it improve our survival?

After analyzing 933 women with breast cancer, a study found that women who did moderate-intensity exercise ( a brisk walk 2-3 hours/week) either before or after diagnosis had a 45% lower risk of death compared with women who were inactive both before and after diagnosis.

Dr. Koganow is is trained in both clinical nutrition, as well, holds a degree in Exercise Science. He will make sure you are on the appropriate plan during your treatments.

Lymphedema affects lymphatic vessels, which are responsible for transporting protein-rich fluid (Lymphatic fluid) back into the circulatory system. When lymph vessels or lymph nodes are missing, impaired, damaged, removed or malformed, the fluid isn’t properly transported or filtered and an accumulation of Lymphatic fluid occurs. This results in the condition known as Lymphedema.

There are two types of Lymphedema: Primary Lymphedema and Secondary Lymphedema.

WellVitality has specially trained massage therapists to help cancer care patients suffering from Lymphedema. For more information on how we treat this condition, visit our Massage Therapy page.

Atresunate is a new drug, which has shown great promise for combating cancer. Initially used as a successful malaria drug, recent research has honed its focus to that of cancer therapy. It has been used in combination with chemotherapy and has been shown to improve outcomes in advanced cancer cases. It is proposed that Artesunate activates the cancers controlled cellular death mechanism (mitochondrial apoptosis) via formation of free radicals (specifically iron catalyzed liposomal reactive oxygen species production).

Preliminary data indicates that intravenous vitamin c and Artesunate work synergistically together with no adverse effects reported. Research suggests that the use of this therapy is effective for a wide range of cancers. It must also be noted that research has shown Atresunate can increase quality of life in addition to improving survival rates. Like any other cancer therapy, it is important to be used under the supervision of an experienced Naturopathic Doctor.