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WellVitality, a health clinic in Lethbridge, has worked with great clients over the years and are always happy to hear that they have a good experience at our clinic.

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Google Reviews



I spent 2 years with a slipped disc. I went to two different physiotherapists. Acupuncture did not help. My second physiotherapist was very helpful and I made a 70 % recovery as she used Stamina therapy (she treated my whole body) Unfortunately my back was not 100%. She suggested Prolotherapy. After 3 treatments my back joints stayed in place. I was able to return to all activities that I had previously participated in without pain. I am able to sleep and participate in physical activities that I had previously enjoyed. I feel 100% better. Thanks again!


I was unable to straighten up completely and walk. I am able to walk upright without pain. My back no longer slips out of alignment. My joints feel almost as good as they did before the problems started. I am 90% better thanks to this great technique!


Prolotherapy has allowed me to play soccer, the sport I love without pain. I previously had pain with sports, after running and even walking up stairs. It has resolved 100% of my pain in both my knees and ankles.


What a truly wonderful thing! Prolotherapy has changed my life. Only one treatment and the difference it has made for me. I would recommend this for anyone! I have schedule another treatment because the results from the first have made such a difference in my pain level, I truly believe that more will help tremendously.


I can't believe the difference. I can do the things I enjoy now without having to be in pain. Prolotherapy gave me 90% improvment in my lower back pain.


Prolotherapy has reduced my knee pain by 80 and increased my mobility by 75%. On the knees it was better than the one not treated- so I got the other done. I highly recommend the procedure to anyone who has joint injury and pain.