Other Services

Our integrated approach to medicine can be applied to many types of chronic disease, illness, pain and discomfort. We will analyze your medical history and your overall health before creating a specific treatment plan that will work for you.

Chronic fatigue and Hormonal Imbalances

Dr. Koganow sees chronic fatigue daily and has the ability to do medically accredited labs (Alberta Health Services labs, private medically accredited labs) in order to hone in and focus on the exact root of the problem. This saves patients time and money on supplementations or treatments which were previously ineffective. Success rates go up as treatments are focused and individualized, and patients become symptom free faster.


Nutrition and Gut Health

Dr. Koganow completed a BSc in exercise science and has taken more nutrition training than registered holistic nutritionists and nutritionists. He can provide expert advice to optimize your gut health thru lab testing, food allergy testing (alcat, igg, ige, genetic allergies) and give unsurpassed advise on nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Koganow has comprehensive knowledge in the field, treating thousands of patients, which is second to none, and has sponsored professional athletes to provide them with nutrition advice and enhance their athletic ability to the maximum potential. He has lectured at Douglas College, LCC, UofL and many others on nutrition including his favorite area of expertise sport nutrition.